Understanding and Solving Supply Chain Issues

By Mike Erickson, President AFMS  Oregonians are finding empty shelves. Consumers are mad that the grocery store is out of their favorite items, and prices have increased on most goods. The warehouse is stressed because the shipping company didn’t make a delivery.  These are all problems with our supply chain. Anytime people can’t get the … Read more

Erickson Says No to Tolls – KGW Confirms that Salinas Did Vote for Tolling on I-205

KGW confirms that Salinas voted for 2021 HB 3055, a bill that approves a toll between I-5 and I-205. In a statement today, Mike Erickson, Republican candidate for Oregon’s Congressional HD 6, drew another distinction between himself and his Democrat opponent Andrea Salinas. Erickson is against tolling, and Salinas voted for 2021 HB 3055, a bill that … Read more

Mike Erickson Earns Support of U.S. and Local Chambers of Commerce

Washington, D.C. – Oct. 26, 2022 – In a news release the U.S. Chamber of Commerce announced its endorsement of Mike Erickson to represent Oregon’s Sixth Congressional District. “As a business owner, Mike Erickson uniquely understands the challenges and economic needs facing business owners, workers, and families in western Oregon,” said Chris Eyler, U.S. Chamber … Read more

Mike Erickson says Oregon’s on the Wrong Track with the Economy

Liberal policies have caused gas prices to continue to spike in Oregon- Average prices in Portland are up 84 cents per gallon from one month ago Mike Erickson, Republican candidate for Oregon’s 6th Congressional District, spoke out today against liberal policies causing Americans to suffer under inflation and rising fuel costs. Gas prices continue to … Read more

Mike Erickson featured on KYKN Newsmakers

Listen to Mike Erickson’s interview with 1430 KYKN’s Newsmakers here. Keep listening for Denise Quinn and Hunter Newton’s call with Bill O’Reilly as he talks about this new book Killing the Legends, The Lethal Danger of Celebrity focusing on John Lennon, Elvis Presley, and Muhamad Ali.

Mike Erickson says Lack of Border Control Hurts Americans: Drugs Pour into Oregon from Unsecure Border

Seizures of fentanyl, a deadly drug, grew over 200% last July. During that month alone, over 2,100 lbs of the drug, which can be fatal in small doses, were confiscated by authorities at the border. Over four million pills have been confiscated at the Arizona border checkpoint to date. Just last week, in Multnomah County, Oregon, deputies seized … Read more

Mike Erickson Featured on Lars Larson

On his Sept. 16 show, Lars Larson, featured Mike Erickson, Republican candidate for Oregon’s Congressional District 6. Listen here. About Lars Larson: Lars holds down FM News 101 KXL from 12 pm – 4 pm PST through Alpha Media’s Radio Northwest Network. His local talk show airs on over 20 stations in the Pacific Northwest, the … Read more

Mike Erickson Says Congress Must Act to Reduce Tuition-Biden’s Loan Forgiveness Costs Taxpayers without Solving Cause

Mike Erickson, Republican candidate for Oregon’s new congressional district, spoke out today about Joe Biden’s student loan forgiveness plan. He sees Biden’s recent decision to forgive $10,000 in student loan debt for persons making under $125,000, as a clear indication that something is wrong with the American college system. “The very fact the federal government … Read more

Mike Erickson Says Inflation Reduction Act Won’t Reduce Inflation: Supply Chain Expert Says Act Will Inflate Government

The Inflation Reduction Act will do nothing to reduce inflation, but it will grow government,” Mike Erickson, candidate for Oregon’s House District 6, said after President Biden signed the bill on Aug. 16. In a statement to supporters, Erickson details his concerns about the legislation. “The Act is absolutely counter to what people say they … Read more

Erickson earns National Federation of Independent Business Endorsement

Read the endorsement here. National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB) announced today that they have endorsed Mike Erickson as Oregon’s representative to the 6th Congressional District. In its announcement, NFIB State Director Anthony K. Smith said, “We are confident that Mike Erickson will be a dependable voice for small businesses. As a small businesses manage … Read more